His singing was amazing, we absolutely loved him!

Dear Jack,

Steven and I wanted to thank you and your orchestra for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding.  We were nervous about many things that day, music definitely being one of them.  Music at a wedding can really make or break the event.  A band and it’s singers have to be in tune with the guests, see when they need some encouragement onto the dance floor, or when the mood is a little mellow and the music should reflect the mood.    Well, you did a spectacular job at reading our guests.  We heard a lot of wonderful things about our wedding from our family and friends, and your orchestra was at the top of the list.  People just loved them, and I know for a fact they have recommended you to other people.  We also loved Michael, the Israeli singer.  We had family travel from very far to come to our wedding and it was important to us that they felt comfortable and really enjoy themselves.  His singing was amazing, we absolutely loved him!

So, thank you again, you really made our special day unforgettable.


Lee & Steven Brot
Crystal Plaza

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