I could not give Jack and Voices 20/20 enough praise!!!

Hi Jan,

I am happy to assist you, I could not give Jack and Voices 20/20 enough praise!!! I must admit that I was originally a tiny bit nervous to book Voices 20/20 only because they were a rather new band when I booked them (which was over a year prior to my wedding date) and I was not able to see them live. However, I knew from their video clip that they were the right band for us. I choose four singers, all were young and energetic, which is the feeling that I wanted for our wedding. The instrumentalists were a little more seasoned, so this band really has it all- Jack and the seasoned experts along with the fresh young singers up front, you cannot beat that!!!! On a side note, Craig’s sister was married about 8 years ago and hired Jack and the AllStar band, and had nothing but praise for them as well. So our family now has had two weddings with excellent results from Jack and his bands. Again, for our wedding, I was really looking for a band with a lot of energy, and I didn’t think any other band compared to Voices 20/20, so I highly highly recommend them!!!! I have been to many weddings and this was definitely one of the best bands I have seen (and I don’t think that was just my bridal biased, as the full dance floor and endless praises from my guests confirmed). I have zero complaints! Jack worked well with us. You can say my husband and I are both “Type A” personalities and rather particular, so we were very involved in the planning process. We had no problems getting responses from Jack or his assistant. Jack definitely understood all of our requests and delivered beyond our expectations! My younger cousin will hopefully get engaged soon, and you bet I hope she chooses Voices 20/20 so I can enjoy them again!!

1. The energy level of the band was very high alllll night long!!! They truly rocked out hard from start to finish (as Jack promised). We had a FULL dance floor ALL night, all of our guests had soooo much fun! I must say, I don’t think I have been to a wedding that maintained such a high energy level and full dance floor all night; exceeded my expectations.

2. Yes, the music sounded authentic to the original song. I was not disappointed by any of their songs, they nailed everything.

3. Yes, yes, yes, the song requests were well-executed. I am not sure if any songs had to be learned, but we provided a pretty lengthy song request list, and they just kept knocking them out of the park. We kind of figured the band would just “do their own thing” and maybe play a few of our songs, but that was not the case. They really hit our songs all night long, I was so excited, I could not believe it. I had planned on spending more time “rounding at the tables” however, could not peel myself off of the dance floor because every song they played was a song that I wanted to hear and dance to.

4. I have noooo complaints about Lucas, I thought he was awesome. I had to have him! I did not notice anyone being off key! I think it’s a little hard to truly get a feel for a band by just a video clip, but I assure you we were very happy with their performance and have no regrets!

Best of luck to your couple! We just returned from our honeymoon, and wish we could do it all over again!!


Eagle Oaks

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