They are wonderful!!!!!!!!

They are wonderful!!!!!!!!  We first heard Esteem a couple years ago at a friend’s daughter’s wedding and took Jack’s card then.  Recommended him/them to a friend in Manhattan two or three years ago, they probably used 6 or 7 pieces and were totally happy.  

Our daughter and her fiancee were just married in January.  The band, as always, was spectacular!  People who worked at the venue (which was very nice) said they had never heard a band that good there.  And many of our guests took business cards and are still raving about the band. 

What everyone likes – first off, the professionalism and GREAT sound from these musicians.  Secondly, their ability to engage folks and get them DANCING and DANCING and DANCING.  They do a wonderful  job with the flow of the wedding, starting with some ‘older’ songs and working right up to today.   We particularly like dancing all the way through the event, so between courses and actually during courses if that suits you.  I left part of my filet behind because the music was just too good.  Really.  

They are also easy to work with.  We gave them direction about what we had particularly liked from seeing them before, they asked about songs the couple/we knew we’d like to include, as well as details my daughter and I had not ever thought about.  So it was what she wanted, and they made it work wonderfully.     

I cannot remember the name of the male vocalist but Jack can tell you exactly who it was.  We had the keyboard player play piano during cocktails and extended the reception so did not have a DJ.  If we had had more time or more events  we would have liked to have Dominik as well (got to know him a bit since he also handles some office work), maybe next wedding!

My husband and I, and our daughter and her husband recommend Esteem unequivocally.   I cannot imagine you all being anything less than thrilled.

I know this is pretty glowing, but all true.  Happy wedding planning.  


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